Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Woman’s Vagina Disappears After Sleeping With Married Man..

ZIMBABWE – A 29-year-old Bulawayo woman from Matshobana suburb got the shock of her life when she woke up in the morning and realised that her private parts were missing, it is alleged.

Chipo Sibanda reportedly learnt the hard way in the early hours of 29 April when she visited the toilet but could not urinate upon discovering that her vagina had mysteriously sealed.

The woman is said to have nearly collapsed when she noticed that her ‘most sweetness spot’ had mysteriously sealed. However, a ZImbabwean online publication says it has learnt that Chipo was in the habit of sleeping with married men – a claim which was confirmed by the alleged hubby-snatcher. It is reported that Chipo approached one of the women whose husband had allegedly ‘strayed’ to Chipo’s ‘honey jar’.

A source who stays in Bulawayo’s Matshobana suburb where there incident reportedly took place, said a woman popularly known as Mai Tawanda had previously warned Chipo to stay away from her husband. The source said after the spine-chilling incident, the ‘vaginaless’ 
woman approached Mai Tawanda and begged for forgiveness.

“She didn’t have a choice in this case but to approach Mai Tawanda and apologise. No one remains calm upon realising that her sexual organ is missing. If she had not approached Mai Tawanda we could be talking about something else,” said a source close to Chipo.

It is reported that Mai Tawanda first thrashed Chipo but much to the surprise of everyone, the bashed woman did not cry. The alleged husband-snatcher was saved by Mai Tawanda’s sister who had been summoned to hear the confession.

“She was set free 3 hours after the beating. She made a promise to Mai Tawanda that she would never see her husband or even come near him. That is when she was told to go to the toilet and check if her organ was back,” she said.

After several attempts to get hold of Chipo, our news crew eventually managed to hook up with the woman who openly revealed that she had learnt a big lesson.

“I am sorry to all women I have wronged. It wasn’t my intention to break their marriages. It (the disappearance of her organ) was so scary and the thought that I couldn’t piss was frightening. I could feel that my bladder was full but I couldn’t do anything,” she said.

Efforts to get a comment from the much dreaded Mai Tawanda proved futile by the time of going to press.


  1. This is pure gold, but surely this was not in a newspaper. I mean such rubbish I have never heard in my life.

  2. and its no one can sit down or keep quiet when such happens....lesson well taught and learnt!!!

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  4. This is a lie how come its reported here on a kenyan blog and we never heard about it in our local blogs and papers.

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